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爱国卫生运动 patriotic sanitation campaign

保持健康 keep/stay/healthy/fit

保健食品 health food

病从口入 illness enters via the mouth

病历 medical/clinical records; case history

肠胃病 gastro-intestinal trouble

常用和急救用药 drugs for daily and emergency use

城市社区卫生服务中心 community health service centers in urban areas

城镇职工基本医疗保险制度 basic medical insurance system for urban employees

传染病 contagious diseases

创建卫生城市 build an advanced clean city

低脂饮食 low-fat diet

碘缺乏症 iodine deficiency disease

多发病 frequently occurring diseases

防疫站 epidemic prevention station

放射科 X-ray department

放松疗法 relaxation therapy

风湿性关节炎 rheumatic arthritis

服药 take medicine

妇产科 department of obstetrics and gynecology

妇产医院 obstetrics and gynecology hospital

妇科病 gynecological diseases

高空缺氧 altitude anoxia

高危人群 high-risk group

个人卫生 personal hygiene

公费医疗 free medical service; public health service

公共卫生设施 public health utilities

骨科 department of orthopedics

挂号处 registration office

国际红十字会 International Red Cross (IRC)

国家级卫生城市 state-level hygienic city

国家食品药品监督管理局 State Food and Drug Administration

国家中医药管理局 State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

呼吸系统疾病 respiratory diseases

护士长 head nurse

HIV携带者 HIV carrier

环境卫生 environmental sanitation

换药 change dressings

患眼疾 have trouble in one’s eyesight

基本医疗卫生服务 basic medicare and health service

急救中心 first-aid center

急/慢性病 acute/chronic disease

急诊医疗 emergency medical treatment

加工食品 processed food

甲乙肝 Hepatitis A/B

假劣药品事件 incidents of counterfeit and low-quality drugs

煎药 dedoct herbal medicine

健康证明书 health certificate

救死扶伤 heal the wounded and rescue the dying

开药 prescribe a medicine

劳保医疗制度 labor medicare system

良/恶性肿瘤 benign/malignant tumor

良药苦口 good medicine tastes bitter; bitter pills have good effects

劣质食品 inferior foodstuff

母婴传播 mother-to-child transmission

脑外科 department of cranial

内科 department of internal medicine


seven internal causes (joy, anger, worry, thought, grief, fear and suprise)

农村合作医疗 rural cooperative medical service

配药 make up a prescription

皮肤科 department of dermatology

普通医生 general practitioner

浅层睡眠 light sleep

情商 emotion quotient (EQ)

全国公共卫生体系 national public health system

全身/局部麻醉 general/local anesthesia

人工呼吸 pulmonary resuscitation; artificial breathing

三级医疗防病体系 three-tiered medical and prevention network

上药 apply ointment to

深层睡眠 deep sleep

食品卫生法 Food Hygiene Law

食物搭配 food combination

世界精神卫生日 World Meental Health Day

世界睡眠日 World Sleep Day

世界卫生组织 World Health Organization (WHO)

睡眠不足 lack of deep; sleep deprivation

四诊(望、闻、问、切) four methods of diagnosis (observation, listening and smelling, inquiring, pulse feeling and palpation)

突发公共卫生事件医疗救治体系 medical treatment system for public health emergencies

推进医院后勤服务的社会化 commercialize logistic service in medical institutions


the six external causes (wind, cold, dryness, wetness, heat and fire)

外科 department of surgery

网上诊疗 online clinic

卫生部 Ministry of Health

卫生防疫站 sanitation and anti-epidemic station

卫生突发事件 unexpected public health incidents

无偿义务献血 non-remunerated/voluntary blood donation

乡镇卫生院 health clinics in towns and townships

消化系统 digestive system

心理健康 mental health

性传染疾病 sexuality transmitted diseases

胸外科 thoracic surgery

血库 blood bank

牙科 department of dentistry

亚健康状态 sub-health problem

养生之道 follow a careful regimen in health care; a way to stay healthy

药补 improve one’s health by taking tonics

药品生产和流通企业 drug manufacturers and distributors

药品生产流通体制 pharmaceutical production and distribution system

《药品生产质量管理规范》 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

药品中毒 drug poisoning

药物过敏 drug allergy

医德医风 medical ethics and practices

医疗报销 medical reimbursement

医疗制度改革 reform of the medicine system

医托儿 a shill for a doctor; medical trickster’s assistant

医药费 medical cost

遗传性老年痴呆症 Alzheimer’s disease

疑难病例 difficult and complicated cases

易感人群 more easily infected group

针灸 acupuncture and moxibustion

镇静剂控制 narcotics contol

政府公共卫生管理职能 government’s role in public health administration

职业病 occupational diseases

智商 intelligence quotient (IQ)

中国传统的保健方法 traditional Chinese health care methods

中国红十字会 Red Cross of China

中华医学会 Chinese Medical Association

中西医结合 combine traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine

肿瘤医院 tumor hospital

主治医生 doctor in charge

住院医生 resident doctor

综合医院 general hospital中国医疗体制改革是社会主义经济体制改革的重要部分。

Reform of our health care system constitutes an important part of China’s socialist economic restructuring.


All people will enjoy basic medicare and health services by 2020.


The current health care system is dominated by paid service.


Our public health service and labor insurance have contributed much to ensuring people’s fitness.


Over the past few years, the Chinese social security system has been established and improved through the reform of our health insuranccee system.


To promote reform and development of health programs, the State Council has lost no time in formulating a plan for deepening the reform of the pharmaceutical and medicare systems to help the people solve the problem of medical services.


We will ensure that public medical and health care serves the general public and fully arouse the initiative of medical workers.


We will work hard to establish a nationwide basic medical and health care for both urban and rural areas to ensure universal coverage.


We will gradually promote equal access to basic public health services for all.


We will appropriate more funds to prevent and control major infectious, chronic, occupational, and endemics diseases.


We will give full play to the important role of traditional Chinese medicine and folk medicines of thnic minorities in prevention and control of diseases.


Because the reform of the pharmaceutical and medical system concerns the people’s health-related rights and interests, we need to strengthen leadership, make plans and arrangements carefully, progress vigorously yet prudently, and earnestly solve the problem of inadequate and too expensive medical services.


Chinese medicine and pharmacology are a great treasure-house. We should explore them and raise them to a high level.


We should provide regional health services to raise the utilization of the facilities.


As a multitiered great system, health care policies should be evaluated to ensure that they are scientific and rational.


Humanistic care is needed in medical services.


We should develop community health services and revitalize urban primary health care.


Promoting public health services is not only a strategic measure taken in the process of the reform and development of our health work, but also an important part of the reform of our urban pharmaceutical and health system.






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