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activity ratios 经营比率

allowances for maintenance 维修费

brand label 商标贴纸

business license 营业执照

capitalization ratios 资本结构比率

car repair and assembly plant 汽车修配厂

charger bracket 充电座支架

collective stewardship 集体管理

commercial/residential complex 商住综合楼

comprehensive subareas 综合分区

contractual project 承包工程

debt to equity ratio 负债股本比率

depreciation allowances 折旧费

discounted cash flow models 折现值现金流量模型

elaborately transformed manufactures 精加工

electrical machinery factory 电机厂

equity reversion 权益回收

finance costs 融资成本

fiscal allotment 财政拨款

floor area 建筑面积

gas guzzler 油耗量大的汽车

generic products 非商标(非专利)产品

go through the formalities 办手续

government assignment 政府划拨

Grant Contract of Land Use Right 土地使用权出让合同

grant or transfer 出让或转让

heavy machinery plant 重型机械厂

highly processed goods 深加工产品

high-voltage/high-tension wire 高压电线

income tax shelter 收入税的庇护

industrial cluster 产业集群

industrial optimization 产业优化

Internet phone industry 网络电话业

inward investment 对内投资

joint chamber of commerce and industry 联合工商会

land efficiency 土地效益

land use certificate 土地使用证

land use term 土地使用期

lead-edge technologies 领先技术

location classification 地段等级

major repair depreciation expenses 大修折旧费

manufactured inventory 成品库存

manufacturing expenses 制造费用

metallurgical industry 冶金产业

mortgage lender 抵押放贷者

on a residual basis 剩余法

on the basis of capitalization 资本还原法

pillar industry 支柱产业

pioneering enterprises 龙头企业

planning approval 规划许可

planning permit of construction engineering 建设工程规划许可证

plot ratio 容集率

precision machine tool 精密机床

pre-requisitioned land 预征土地

professional fee 专业人员费(指勘察设计费等)

project approval 项目许可

projecting parameter 规划参数

property trust 物业信托

ratio of current assets to current liability 流动资产与流动负债比率

ratio of current assets to fixed assets 流动资产与固定资产比率

reciprocal holdings 互相控股

reconstruction of old area 旧区改造

recoverable cost/debt/loss 可收回成本/债务/损失

red balance 赤字结余

reform of the property rights system 产权制度改革

registered capital 注册资本

registration of establishment 开办登记

registration of property right 产权登记

rules-of-thumb techniques 经验法

sales proceeds 销售收益

site coverage 建筑密度

strata-title 分层所有权

structural readjustment 结构调整

subsidies and grants 津贴和拨款

surplus capacity 生产能力过剩

title document 契约文书

Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation (TILF) 贸易和投资自由化和便利化

unpaid mortgage balance 抵押贷款欠额

water conservancy project 水利工程

wealth maximization 最da限度地增加财产

Growth in profit has become more difficult to achieve due to increased competition.


Increasing productive capacity has led to car companies aiming to use economies of scale as the main way of reducing cost.


According to the empirical evidence of economic development of other countries in the world, development of industry, especially the modern industry is the prerequisite for the fast growth of national economy.


The iron and steel industry serves as the basis for the development of other industries.


The saying of “possession of steel and iron is equal to the domination of economic development” has been proved by all previous industrial revolutions.


It is essential to secure the leading position of the iron and steel industry in the less development countries at the initial stage of industrial development.


Rubber is a light, elastic, durable and water-resistant material, which makes rubber industry very important.


Electronic computers, which make it possible to free man from the labor of complex measurements and computations, have found wide application in engineering.


Italian investment is mostly located along the east coast in such sectors as automobiles, garments, textiles, footwear, leather, jewelry, machinery and electronic products, instruments, aviation and leasing.


Titanium allows have been widely applied in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and other industries because of their excellent properties such as low density, high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.


The major civil aircraft producer in the Czech Republic has 35 years of tradition and experience in aircraft design and production.


The development of aerospace depends chiefly on advanced material and technology.


The appearance of new composite material is the fundamental assurance of high performance, high reliability and low cost for aerospace industry.


With the quick development of information technique and computer science, the techniques about image processing, automatic target recognition and computer vision have been widely applied in many fields, such as industries, national defense, aeronautics and aerospace.


Manufacturing’s share of U. S. employment peaked in 1953, at 35%.







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