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白色污染 white pollution

保护珊瑚礁、红树林和渔业资源 protect coral reefs, mangrove and fishing resources

保护生存环境 conserve natural habitats

保护自然资源 conserve natural resources

濒危野生动物 endangered wildlife

城市垃圾焚化 incineration of municipal refuse

城市垃圾无害化处理率 decontamination rate of urban refuse

城市热岛效应 urban heat island effect

城市污水处理率 treatment date of domestic sewage

城市污水日处理能力 daily sewage treatment capacity in ruban areas

大气监测系统 atmospheric monitoring system

单位国内生产总值能耗 energy consumption per unit of GDP

低效高污染企业 low-efficiency, high-polllution enterprises

二氧化硫排放 sulfur dioxide emissions

防风林 wind breat

防沙林 sand break

废水处理厂 waste water treatment plant

风沙源治理 control of the sources of sandstorms

工业粉尘排放 industrial dust discharege

国家环境保护总局 State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)

过分开垦 overplowing

海水淡化 sea water desalinatization

环保技术 environmentally sound technology

环境安全 environmental security

环境保护战略 strategy of environmental protection

环境保护主义者 environmentalist

环境恶化 environmental degradation

环境风险评估 environmental risk assessment

环境负荷 carrying capacity of the environment

环境健康影响评价 environmental health impact assessment

环境危害 environmental hazard

环境系统工程 environmental system engineering

环境影响评估 environmental impact assessment (EIA)

环境友好型社会environment-friendly society

环境质量指标 environmental quality indicators

环境致癌物 environmental carcinogen

机动车辆排放 motor vehicle emissions

基因资源保护 conservation of genetic resources

节能减排 energy conservation and emissions reduction

节水 water conservation

禁猎区 no-hunting areas

禁渔季closed fishing season

开发可再生资源 develop renewable resources

可持续发展 sustainable development

可降解一次性塑料袋 throwaway bio-degradable plastic bags

可吸入颗粒物 inhalable particulate

可再生能源 renewable energy

空气污染浓度 air pollution concentration

矿物燃料 fossil fuels

垃圾分类收集 collection of classified refuse

垃圾生物降解 bio-degradation of refuse

垃圾填埋 refuse landfill

绿化面积 afforested areas

绿色财政手段 green fiscal instruments

美化环境 landscaping design for environmental purposes

农药残留 pesticide residue

汽车尾气 motor vehicle exhaust

青海三江源生态保护 the Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve in Qinghai Province

清洁能源clean energy

全民义务植树日 National Tree-Planting Day

全球变暖 global warming

热污染 thermal pollution

人均绿化面积 per capita green area

三废综合利用 multipurpose use of three wastes (waste gas, wast water and waste residues)

森林覆盖率 forest coverage

森林砍伐率 rate of deforestation

沙化草地 desertification of grassland

生活垃圾 domestic refuse

生态脆弱地区 ecologically vulnerabl area

生态环境保护 ecological and environmental protection

生态农业 eco-agriculture

生态破坏 ecological destruction

生态示范区 eco-demonstration region; environment-friendly region

生物多样性 biodiversity

生物圈 biosphere

生物燃料 biofuel

生物质能 biomass energy

谁污染、谁治理 whoever causes pollution is responsible for its treatment

水土保持 water ans soil conservation

水土流失 water and soil erosion

水资源保护区 water resource conservation zone

速生林 fast-growing trees

酸雨 acid rain

天然草场的恢复和保护 restoration and conservation of natural grassland

土壤盐碱化 soil alkalization

推广节水灌溉法 popularize water-efficient irrigation methods

推行可持续发展战略 pursue the strategy of sustainable development

退耕还林还草 return farmland to forests and restore livestock pastures to grasslands

尾气净化器 exhaust purifier

污染控制期限制度 pollution control deadline system

污染物排放 pollutant discharge

污染指数 pollution index

污水处理厂 sewage treatment plant

无氟冰箱 freon-free refrigerator

无公害农业 nuisanceless agriculture

无公害蔬菜 “green” venetable; pollution-free vegetalbe

无铅汽油 lead-free gasoline

物种灭绝 extinction of bio-species

先进的污水处理技术 advanced sewage disposal technology

限期治理undertake treatment within a prescribed limit of time

悬浮颗粒物 suspended particles

烟尘排放 soot emission

野生动植物 wild animals and plants; wild fauna and flora

有毒废料 toxic waste

有机污染物 organic pollutant

再生性生物资源 renewable biological resources

《中国应对气候变化的政策与行动》 China’s Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change

自然保护区 nature reserve

自然环境 natural environment

自然生态系统 natural ecosystem


The discharge of industrial pollutants should meet both national and local standards.


Air and surface water quality in major cities should meet both national and environmental quality standards.


Most river sections in the cities are contaminated to varying degrees, with 52 percent of the river sections seriously polluted.


Aforestation contributes to contemporary times and brings benefits to future generations.


We should not step onto the same road of treatment after pollution.


While developing its economy, China will balance population, resources and the environment.


The government pays great attention to environmental problems arising from China’s population growth and economic development.


Special attention should be paid to protecting and improving the ecological environment in areas with serious imbalance of human and environmental resources.


Land, arable land in particular, should be used rationally and economically.


We should establish ecological agriculture, strengthen the protection of natural resources, such as arable land, water, forest, grassland and biological species, and the conservation of biodiversity.


The water degradation n the Huaihe River valley has been initially put under control.


Initial results have been achieved in the prevention and treatment of atmospheric pollution.


Soil erosion, desertification and degeneration of grasslands are worsening with each passing day, which weakens the ecological functions of wind break, sand fixing, water storage, soil preservation, and the protection of biodiversity.


The two main characteristics of sustainable architecture are permanence and low energy consumption.


Economically developed areas in China have long suffered from water shortages, particularly from a scarcity of clean water, and the situation is only getting worse.


We will make remitting efforts to save energy, reduce emissions, preserve the ecosystems and protect the environment.


We will promote the industrial application of clean coal technology.


We wil lauch a nationwide campaign on the importance of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and state organs, enterprises and institutions need to play an exemplary role.


We will carry out ecological conservation projects to build key forest shelterbelts and protect virgin forests.


With the support of the policies of the Chinese government, our renewable energy technology is constantly innovated.





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